My name is Damian Bailey. I am a Surrey-based wedding and family photographer. I have been a professional photographer for 12 years now and shot my 500th wedding in July 2015. Time really does fly! I mainly photograph weddings and families but will point my camera at pretty much anything anyone asks me to (within reason!).

I am married to Anna and have two great kids; Jago (13) and Ruby (11). Harley, the working cocker spaniel, completes our little team. We live in Farnham, Surrey.

In my spare time (of which I have loads, of course) I love running, playing tennis and generally keeping fit. It all helps when I am on my feet all day at a wedding, or mucking about on a family shoot.

Why do I like photographing weddings, families and people in general? I like the notion that I am creating a little slice of social history. I record people, their friends, their family and their special occasions; memories that might otherwise be fuzzy or even lost. My aim is to try to make the best ever photograph of the person or people in question. To make photos that will sit on the mantlepiece or in the album, be passed down through the generations and say, “That was me, that was us, look what we did together”.

It’s an incredibly satisfying job and I really love doing it.

Check out my web site: www.damianbailey.com