“But I don’t like having my photograph taken”

This is a big one for a lot of people. No one has ever said to me that they like having their photograph taken. So here are some things to […]

This is a big one for a lot of people. No one has ever said to me that they like having their photograph taken. So here are some things to think about…

  1. A good photographer should make it feel like you aren’t having your photograph taken at all. They should just let you hang out together for 10 or 15 mins, wandering about wherever and occasionally taking ‘a wedding photo’ that your parents will like. It’s all the photos whilst you are wandering around that you will like best and mainly because you didnt know they were being taken. Click here to see what i mean. A good photographer will give you the space to be yourselves. Having said that, if you dont have a photographer who can do this it might just be a painful experience.
  2. Don’t worry about your double chins – pretty much everyone has one. If you didn’t, your lower jaw would fall out and your body fat would be far too low for a normal person. Certainly don’t try to compensate for this when ‘posing’. You’ll just look weird.
  3. Dont smile – LAUGH! I never ask people to smile because you just get ‘camera face’. You should be happy enough to laugh with eachother. You’ve just married the person of your dreams after all. I appreciate that some people dont like their teeth but if you smile without opening your mouth you’ll look constipated and that’s probably not what you’re after, is it? I’ll do my best to make you laugh if i need to but it’s always best if you do it yourselves.
  4. Try not to look down at the floor. This isnt easy as it tends to be how most people walk especially in a wedding dress as you cant see your feet. Try to look at eachother and talk about how great the day is etc.
  5. Don’t have your first argument as a married couple. This is not the time or the place!

The camera really doesn’t lie. Photoshop can help but if you’ve got three chins there will be three chins in the photos. If you only want to show one chin you’re going to have to lose the other 2 before the wedding. But I say, BRING ON THE REAL YOU! – CHINS AND ALL!! Saying things like ‘dont show my double chin’ just doesn’t make any sense.

The photos below are all from one 10 minute walkabout with a great couple from earlier this year. Remember, this is as soon as they got back to the venue from the church before all the other guests have got back (see this post). Granted, the location was great but i could have got lovely shots of these two in a Kwik-Fit. They were comfortable with themselves and eachother.  I hardly said a word to them whilst taking these photos. That’s how it should be. To see all their photos click here