Here they come!

If you’ve got the date right on the invitation then your guests will arrive. (Yes, i know of a wedding where they got the date wrong on the invitation!).

If you are having a church wedding the keen guests will start arriving about 45 mins before the time stated on the invitation. Make sure the groom, the best man and the ushers are at the church at least 45 mins before the service is due to start.

Some people dont have ushers and i think they are wrong. There are good reasons to have ushers, especially at a church wedding. Organising car parking, handing out orders of service and showing people to their seats etc are all important jobs so give them to people most able to do them effectively. Having said that, a lot of ushers are pretty useless (sorry boys) but it’s not always their fault. They get the buttonhole, the tie and the kudos of being ‘an usher’  but few actually know what’s going on. Help them – tell them what is going to happen and what they need to do. They’ll work it out from there. Having said all that, guests will arrive at a church, find a seat and you will get married. It’s not the end of the world if you dont have ushers or if the ones you have are useless. You cant even count on them looking pretty.

Grooms, as guests arrive be outside the church to say hello to everyone. Dont run off and hide in the church. Ushers can hand out orders of service and you can ease your nerves by welcoming your guests etc.

If you are having a civil ceremony, ushers have less of a roll at the ‘guests arriving’ stage mainly because there tend to be venue staff on hand to show people where to go etc. However, ushers will still make the venue yours by doing this job for you.