How to get ready

I know what you’re going to say. “What would he know? He’s a man. All he has to do is put on a suit and then it’s off to the […]

I know what you’re going to say. “What would he know? He’s a man. All he has to do is put on a suit and then it’s off to the pub.” You’d be right. At the ‘getting ready’ bit of the wedding i am a large blob of testosterone floating in a sea of oestrogen so I keep quiet and pay attention because you can learn a lot about everyone and the day in general from the ‘getting ready’ bit.

So, assuming that i have seen more brides and bridesmaids getting ready than you have 😉 here are some thoughts…

  1. Get a professional to do your hair and make-up. Ideally, they would be two different people who work together regularly, if not all the time. They will understand who eachother works which will ensure that thigns run according to plan.
  2. If you are getting ready at home, use a room that isnt used very often and that has natural light  for the hair and make-up. this doesnt have to be upstairs. Hair and make-up artists need space and light. You will also be grateful for the option to have some peace and quiet when you are having it all done. The kitchen and the bathroom is the worst place to do it. Girls, where’s the romance in that?
  3. Get the champagne flowing – the party starts here!
  4. Dont wear a t-shirt as it will have to be cut off once your hair is done – i’ve seen it happen! A good hairdresser will make sure you are wearing something suitable. A shirt is the best thing i reckon.
  5. Hang your dress up in the largest room where it is out of the way. Remove all the packaging and ‘stuffing’ and let it hang.
  6. Eat. You wont want to but you should. It’s going to be a long day and your guests will eat all the canapes at the reception because you are too busy talking.
  7. Feel free to ask to be on your own. Take a moment to think about what you are doing. Give yourself the chance to make memories or just think about how you are feeling etc. The day will feel like it’s disappearing already. How about when you are having your make-up done? You’ll spend most of the time with your eyes shut anyway. Dont be a bridezilla about it and order everyone out of the room. Just work it so you can sit, be calm and zone out. Enjoy the feeling.
  8. Put your dress on earlier than you think. If it requires buttoning and lacing this will take longer than it did when the lady did it in the shop. The lacers and buttoners will be nervous, emotional and mildly panicing at the resposibility. Give them time. You should be completely ready to go 30 mins before you are supposed to. Yes, 30 minutes! In that 30 minutes you can breathe into your dress, get used to wearing it and generally swan about with a glass of champagne like you own the place. Depending on your dress, it can take 40 minutes to get it on properly. In this instance you should start getting it on at least an hour before you are due to get into the car. Do this in a large room so you all have some space. Dont rule out the lounge – it works really well and you’re already downstairs. Have a look at the ‘getting ready’ photos from this wedding . All in the dining room and lounge. The stairs were like the north face of the Eiger so it’s hardly surprising they did it all downstairs!
  9. Dont be late – it’s rude. I dont buy the whole “the-bride-can-be-late” thing. It’s rude to your guests and, more importantly, it’s rude to your groom. It will also affect the timings for the rest of the day. Ok, i give in – 5 mins max but only by mistake not by design, ok?

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