Top tips in the church

  1. Dont be more than 5 mins late. It’s rude and your groom will be crapping himself that you’re not going to turn up at all.
  2. As you go down the aisle, walk SLOWLY but remember it’s not a funeral march. Milk the adoring looks but not too much.
  3. Look up. You might have a great pair of shoes on but dont look at them. Look at your guests or fix your eyes on your groom at the end of the aisle.
  4. Grooms, you must  turn around and have a good look at your bride as she walks down the aisle. It is the first and only opportunity you’ll get to see you (future) wife from any sort of distance without anyone getting in the way. It will be one hell of a sight and something you’ll remember forever. Oh, and smile at her too.
  5. When you get to the alter/registars table LOOK AT EACHOTHER. Say hello, share a little joke etc. Try not to let the nerves and the formality of the occasion get in the way of this.
  6. If you’re in a church, feel free to chat to eachother a little bit during the hymns. No, you’re not supposed to, but it will help settle you both down and who’s going to tell you not to?
  7. If you’re having a civil ceremony, pay attention as the ceremony will be over in a flash.
  8. Turn to face one another when you say your vows and exchange rings. Not just your heads – turn your whole bodies.You are doing this to, with and for eachother. Also, your guests will be able to see you and witness what’s going on. It’s one of their jobs. Look at eachother, encourage eachother if you need to and smile. Even with all the formality, this bit should be fun!

Once your married the rest of the church/civil ceremony bit will be a bit of a blur to be honest. One last thing – dont run down the aisle in a desperate bid to get out and find the champagne. Give your guests and your hard working photographer a chance to capture the sheer relief (and joy, but mainly relief) on your faces. It’s a classic wedding moment!