What is this blog for?

I go to at least one wedding every weekend. I photographed my 500th wedding in July 2015. At every wedding, I am there from when everyone is getting ready right through until well into the dancing and sometimes until the very end.

How come I go to so many weddings? I am a wedding photographer. Lots of wedding photographers have blogs – they use them to promote their photography businesses** but I think most aren’t that useful to couples organising their weddings.

Good wedding photographers have a greater depth of experience of weddings on a weekly basis than any other wedding supplier. Most brides and grooms haven’t organised a wedding before and whilst I know you are getting loads of suggestions (and demands!) from friends and family wouldn’t it be useful to have the thoughts of a Wedding Insider too? Now you have.

Through this blog I aim to share with you my knowledge of weddings to help you better understand and organise your wedding and to enjoy yourself as much as possible on the day. Everything I post is simply my opinion but it is based on experience. Even though I am a photographer, this blog is not about photography. I use photos to illustrate how various aspects of your wedding work and the implications of the choices you make.

Use the Categories on the left to navigate the posts on this site. I have broken the wedding up into different sections and these are listed in the order in which they usually occur on the day. If you can’t find what you’re looking for just get in touch. Ask a question or share your experiences – that’s why this is an interactive blog not a static web site.

I hope you find this blog useful

A couple of caveats.

  • Firstly, many of the choices at your wedding will be driven by budget. I appreciate this but I rarely mention costs and budgets in this blog.
  • Secondly, and most importantly, you should do exactly what you want to do at your wedding, regardless of what I or anyone else says. It is your wedding.

(**Who am i kidding? I’d love you all to book me for your wedding but I only want to promote my services in a roundabout way. Honest.)