What shape tables?

The shape of the tables can have a big impact on the atmosphere during the wedding breakfast. You’ll be restricted by budget and the size of the room/marquee but here are some options…

Round tables are by far the most common table shape. Tables are usualy for 8 or 10 allowing for conversations across the tables etc. This is probably the most sociable set-up

Long ‘trestle’ tables are becoming more and more popular, especially in marquees which tend to be more flexible. It looks great and really has a wow factor but it can be limiting for your guests as they tend to be restricted to talking to those on either side of them and opposite them. For a photographer it is a bit of a nightmare too, to be honest.It is perhaps more important to consider the sort of table you’ll be sitting on. The traditional way is for the bridal party to sit on one side of a long ‘top table’ facing out to your guests. More and more people are moving away form this formal set-up and i dont blame them. You are very ‘on display’ on a table like this and can only really chat to the people on either side of you. Often, everyone ends up looking very bored whilst looking out at everyone else having a great time on sociable round tables. As the meal goes on, those on the top table tend to get up and move around leaving the table empty which doesnt look great. To counter this, couples are now going for round top tables and this always works much better. A happy medium worth considering is an oval table. This will still make the bride and groom the heads of the table but it will be much more sociable. Sometimes a space is left directly in front of the bride and groom so that people can see ‘in’ and the b&g can see ‘out’. From a photography point of view i always like this one most.

In my opionion, the worst case scenario is a long top table along one side of the dancefloor and everyone else to the sides. This just means you will be looking out over an empty dancefloor and you guests will be even further away. It might look great but it just doesnt work very well from your point of view.