Your arrival at the church or civil ceremony

This should be a great moment for you and your dad (or whoever’s giving you away). I’ll assume it’s your dad for the sake of argument…


  • Churches have paths from the Lychgate to the church door so that brides can gather their thoughts. Use this opportunity. Take a deep breath of fresh air – it will really help calm your nerves. If there isnt a path why not pull up a little bit further away from the church so that you can walk down the pavement a bit? It will still do the trick.
  • Get on your dad’s arm with your bridesmaids behind you. It’s a great moment for him too. He is walking his little girl to the church to get married. These are your last moments as a single woman.
  • Take your time. Smile. Look at your dad. Laugh with your bridesmaids. “Here we go!”


  • If you are getting ready in the same venue that you are getting married in there will almost certainly be some sort of staircase. Walk downstairs like you own the place – dont take the lift (if there is one).
  • If you are getting ready in a different building to where you are getting married you’re going to have to walk to get to it. This is just like the church path. Walk outside if you can. That fresh air will really help, even in winter. If it’s raining make sure you have loads of umbrellas. If it’s REALLY raining stay inside. Let’s not be silly about this!

By the way, a good photographer will keep the hell out of the way at this point. You just dont want him/her in your face right now (ever?). No posed photos, just stuff happening.

So, you’re standing at the door to the church or civil ceremony room with your dad. If you haven’t done so already, this is the moment to let everything go. You have done everything you can to make sure the day goes well and you look a million dollars. Deep breath, smile and enjoy yourself. Now go get married!